the a mission to bring smiles into every home, The Ark transcends traditional development, embodying a brand that resonates with and for the people. Specializing in transforming prime locations into vibrant communities, The Ark melds high-end living with an eclectic mix of hospitality, commercial, and residential marvels, envisioning a society progressing towards a new, globalized era. The foundation of The Ark lies in credibility and trust, demonstrated through the selection of premium materials, robust infrastructure, and a streamlined process that elevates construction to the creation of unparalleled experiences.


utomation by VIMAR Italy and exclusive services by the Corinthia hotel— its first venture in Egypt. This architectural marvel blends innovation with nature-inspired luxury, creating a sanctuary for design aficionados and those seeking a harmonious living environment. Edge features 11 complexes, each boasting its own swimming pool, common areas, lounges, gyms, and more. It offers a range of living options from 1, 2, and 3-bedroom apartments to studios, duplexes, and penthouses that epitomize elegance. With private drop-off areas, lush greenery, and water features, Edge transforms living spaces into serene oases. Residents can enjoy walkable areas, peaceful underground parking, and private access to commercial spaces, supported by a 24/7 concierge service and exclusive commercial and retail areas.


Another facet of this iconic project, reimagines the workspace as a dynamic and inviting environment, integrating administrative and commercial spaces with a world-class hotel and ground-level dining and retail options, fostering a balance between work and leisure. With diverse office types and four levels of underground parking, Cliff is designed for collaboration and community, featuring co-working spaces (in partnership with SPACES by IWG), pedestrian walkways, and vibrant piazzas.